來到PIXNET 後的首篇文章,應該來點對申請WWOOF JAPAN更有建設性的幫助,




事後也有HOST(BROWN'S FIELD)跟我說,雖然我不會日文,申請的WWOOFer也很多,


說這是我WWOOF JAPAN的開端,一點也不為過!!


現在WWOOF JAPAN 申請的方式有改變了,

以下的參考內容可以修改(黃色部份要改)後利用WWOOF JAPAN的網站系統寄給HOST,

但請記得在文中加上你WWOOF JAPAN的會員編號!!





Hello Mr. XXX,


I am a member of WWOOF Japan and I want to apply for the working opportunity in your place. If it is possible, I want to WWOOF from around01/10 ~ 01/15 to 02/10 or more, more than one month in total. 

I have been WWOOFing in Chiba Ken, Gunma ken, Hokkaido (twice) since April, 2006

Concerning of my Japanese skills, I think there would be no problem in easy daily life. I have learned this by myself when I started to wwoof in Japan last year.


Your reply would be appreciated.


Happy New Year!!


ChengChia Hung (and you could just call me "Chia")


psfollowing is my self-introduction, I think it would be better if you know me more before I go.


I majored in accounting and business administration (MBA) and got the bachelor and master degrees from Catholic Fu-Jen University .After graduation, I served in the army for 15 months as a second lieutenant because it is the obligation for young men in Taiwan.


Now, I am taking a gap year before working. From this year, in addition to learning Japanese language and culture, I also want to gain some useful skills such as cooking or experiences of many new stuff and things .

That's why I chose to wwoof in Japan.



I have been to some countries before, and gained much experiences and understanding of cultural differences through it.

In 1995, in my age of 15, I went to Brighton, England and stayed for 8 weeks alone.

Except of studying in English language school, I learned how to use my leisure time well because I didn't go with the group and all by myself.

In 1999, I went to Japan with other students in my school.

We attended an activity with Japanese college students and shared each other with our experiences and thoughts.

In 2000, I participated the activity of "World Youth Day" held in Vatican.

During the sessions, I had the chances to cooperate with many foreigners in different countries, jobs and ages.

When the activity was finished, I spent 11 days traveling in Italy.

In 2004, my two classmates and I traveled in Europe, Switzerland and France but Spain mainly, for 30 days.


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  • patty
  • 版主你好
    不好意思打擾了,我近期有打算要去日本wwoof,想請問是否一定要加入wwoof japan會員,才能看到host的資料啊?
  • 是的,沒有加入只能看到部份資料,且無法提出申請喔~

    wwoof 於 2010/05/26 22:17 回覆

  • ariel
  • 你好,我想請我在日本的家人使用郵局方式幫我繳錢是可以的嗎?
  • 可以啊,在日本是可以使用郵局匯款的方式。

    seven1849gmail .com

    wwoof 於 2015/05/29 21:46 回覆

  • 訪客
  • 您好:
    我想請問一下HOST已回覆確認時間可前往時間,是否等自身確認到達日本時間在與HOST 聯繫提供前往方式或注意事項??